Gleaming watch crystals made possible by surface technology "Made in Germany”

The problem

No matter how careful you are watch crystal made of plastic or glass will become scratched over time. This is mainly due to the exposed position of the watch on the wrist where it is so easily scraped along a wall or caught on some other object. In contrast to a scratch on eye glasses such damage only detracts from the beauty of the watch and rarely the function. But these imperfections are annoying and seeing them every time you glance at your watch is certainly irritating.

The product

Before taking your beautiful piece to a jeweller for an expensive repair, we have something for you: polyWatch watch crystal polish offers an amazingly simple solution for scratches on watch crystal - no matter whether the crystal is made of plastic of material referred to as mineral or sapphire.  Scratches in watch crystals can be professionally removed quickly and cost-effectively by the two special polishes polyWatch "Plastic Polish" and "Glass Polish"

The brand

polyWatch is a unique and successful product that has been on the global market in its distinctive small white-black tube since 1993. polyWatch is the only, proven effective scratch remover for plastic watch crystals. This fact is also confirmed by TÜV: The respective certification mark was given to polyWatch after passing the very strict tests and standards of the TÜV test programme with flying colours.  polyWatch has also received excellent test