Plastic Polish

For shiny times -  Plastic Polish

Plastic watch crystals are very susceptible to scratching and can become unsightly.  If the watch case is also made of plastic the crystal cannot be replaced. polyWatch offers an amazingly simple solution to this common problem. The innovative and unique polishing paste "Made in Germany", quickly and inexpensively removes scratches in watch crystal in a do-it-yourself process.  Simply apply some polyWatch to the watch crystal and polish - the watch glass will then shine with new brilliance!

Glass Polish

For shiny times -  Glass Polish

polyWatch reliably removes scratches from all watch crystals by simple, dynamic polishing. Impurities and surface damage are also removed. Even deeper scratches can be removed by repeated use. Scratched surfaces are returned to their as-new condition! When used on plastic crystal the plastic becomes slightly softened and is then lapped by the finest of abrasive particles.  The edges of the scratch marks are rounded off and the gaps filled in with the crystal's own material.